This is a blog about hacking. Its likely that I’ll post news, writeups, vulnerabilities, tutorials or anything related to hacking. While keeping it legal, I intend to shed light on the mysterious and arcane art of computer hacking. Hackers are often referenced in pop-culture and in the media but they are very misunderstood and so are their methods.

What this blog condones:

  • The quest for knowledge and truth
  • Freedom from a society of empty promises and mental slavery
  • The use of technology in a way that promotes efficiency freedom and secutity
  • Dope ass i3 window manager setups

What this Blog does NOT condone:

  • Illegal/Immoral or reckless use of knowledge or technology
  • Get rich scams or exploits
  • Script kiddies who just want to steal money from hardworking people


I take no responsibility for what you do with any of the information on this blog.