Why Hacking Computers Will Free Your Mind.

Today children are indoctrinated at a young age into school systems around the world. These school systems use the same teaching methods that they’ve been using for hundreds of years. No one thinks to question why we haven’t changed our methods. That is because public school systems are extremely efficient at producing one thing. That thing is Laborers. Some people go to college and become skilled laborers, but most do not and remain unskilled laborers.

Laborers are very good at completing sets of tasks given to them by whoever is in charge. In other words, Laborers are machines that complete a given set of instructions.

Hmmm…. That sounds alot like a computer. So through a 12-13 year process, humans are brainwashed and turned into machines that complete tasks. The problem with this is that the process of rewiring humans to complete monotonous tasks en repertoire causes their minds to become rigid. The children slowly lose the ability to imagine and problem solve.

Anyone who struggles and holds to their imagination is immediately seen as a problem child and is either remediated or medicated. Energetic young kids who would rather be outside experiencing life? ADHD. Kids who don’t struggle but rather become sluggish and unmotivated due to the repetitive nature of their tasks? Depressed. It takes years to get a doctorate degree in psychology but It only takes a few minutes for a kindergarten teacher to recommend children take legal meth.

Compound this with the fact that nobody except the elite gets taught anything about personal finance. They’re setting you up not only to be a brain-dead figurative (or literal) assembly-line worker, but a debt slave. Slavery never ended. It just evolved.

The answer is to focus on legitimate problem solving skills and reasoning. That compounded with a solid understanding of personal finance will bring you the freedom that you know you desire in your heart of hearts. I don’t care if you’re 15 or 55. If you have those two things, you’ll make it out and nobody will be able to tell you what to do.

There are many disciplines that teach problem solving and reasoning. Engineering, mathematics, chemistry, philosophy, business, finance, Computer Science, hacking. Any of these fields (and plenty that I missed) are respectable and will get you somewhere if you apply yourself. But If you’ve come to this blog in particular then you know which one I lean towards.

Its the information age. Everything is increasingly influenced by computer networks and software. If you fully understand all of the networks and all of the software, then effectively; you are god.

But anyone who has done even a little bit of hacking knows that the more you learn in this profession, the more you begin to realize that you don’t know shit. The same could be said about alot of the theoretical branches of science, but I can tell you that as we speak there is likely software being developed by some guy in his basement that will turn our world upside down within a few weeks, months or even years. Change is constant. Being forced to accept and adapt to this will grant you flexibility of mind. Thats why most college graduates can’t handle infosec in any respectable manner. They were taught on node.js when today everyone is using react and tomorrow they will be using angular. You get the picture.

This is a call to action of sorts. Go out there and solve problems. Download the Metasploitable 2 VM and start trying to hack it. Its like a puzzle and you will definitely gain something from the experience.

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  1. I respect that. Ive been trying to get into the zone of hacking and getting into more with computers, but i have been slacking with motivation. But i feel like its time. 🙂

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