How Hackers Legally Earn Money From Home

Keyword here is legally because what good is a million dollars if you’re in jail right? So keep reading if you want to know how hackers escape the 9-5 wageslave system that is making everyone suicidally depressed.

Penetration Testing. I figured I’d start off with an obvious one. The most obvious way that hackers are making money from home. Companies and even small websites are paranoid that they’ll be the next headline database breach on the news and so they’re willing to pay big bucks to make sure that doesn’t happen and so if you can earn the qualifications necessary to start freelancing you can potentially be earning a comfortable salary from home by pentesting.

Writing. here is one you probably didn’t think of. Hackers often get paid to write articles for technical companies. Often times they’ll even get paid to contribute to blogs like this one!

Coding. This is another obvious one. You’re not a real hacker unless you can code. So why not make money off of that skill. Freelance programmers and web developers are in high demand these days so job availability won’t be a big issue as long as you can market yourself. Knowing some coding languages can pay better than others though.

Helping Companies prevent theft. You might think I already covered this one with Penetration Testing. However, most if not all hackers have a thorough background or understanding of IT. Hackers can get paid by companies to place security measures like web application firewalls, antiviruses, encryption protocols and network firewalls. Knowing IT and network configuration pays off.

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